Mono 3rd ;Laurie Lissett;Carwash.

Colour Commended;Steve Birchall;Sunset

Mono Highly Commended;Steph Williamson;Riding on the footp

Colour 2nd - Steve Birchall;SeaDog

Colour Commended ;Lynette Marsden;Shall I get out...

Mono Commended-John Houston;Flooded fields

Colour Highly Commended - ;Bernie Sullivan; In Memory

Colour 3rd - Rob Firth - The sheer thrill of it

Mono 2nd - Steve Birchall;Inside Perhaps

01M;Laurie Lissett;Wet Winter Walk

Mono 1st - Laurie Lissett - Wet Winter Walk

1st Colour - Wet Forks By Laurie Lissett

Colour Highly Commended - Ian Jones;Lemondrop

Colour Commended -Alan Carter;Really Really Wet

Colour Commended - ;Steph Williamson;Low Tide at Formby

Colour Highly Commended By Laurie Lissett; H2O.

Mono Commended - Alan Carter;Jump

Mono Highly Commended - Amanda ScottNorton;Wet Web

Mono Highly commended-Wendy Graham;Storm Ciara

Mono Commended - Glynn Marsden;Shiny Wet Sand

Mono Commended-John Houston;Storm Christoph floods.