Annual Competition, May 2016

Our last competition of the season was the Annual Competition. This is an open competition for members which means they can submit their best images regardless of subject.

FPG always invite an external judge from the L&CPU register to study and comment on the submitted prints and DPI's. We are very grateful to Doug Bennison from Maghull Photographic Society for having agreed to be our judge and in adding to a successful evening at the club.

Well done to the winners of each category Mike Mothershaw, Mark Edwards and Ian Kemp who won the Colour, Mono and DPI sections respectively.

Full results are here

COL 01 Estuary Sunset, Mike Mothershaw

Estuary Sunset by Mike Mothershaw

COL 02 J Night Ferry, Dave Reed

Night Ferry by Dave Reed

COL 02 J Salthouse Dock, Wendy Graham

Salthouse Dock by Wendy Graham

COL 03 Playtime, Mike Mothershaw

Playtime by Mike Mothershaw

COL C Causeway to the Isle, Mike Coleman

Causeway to the Isle by Mike Coleman

COL C Now then is it in focus, John Crooks

Now then is it in focus? by John Crooks

COL C Dunes and Masts at sunset, Ian Murren

Dunes and Masts at sunset by Ian Murren

COL C Seaforth -Corrugated Storage, Ian Kemp

Seaforth by Ian Kemp

COL C Three Queens, Ian Kemp

Three Queens by Ian Kemp

COL HC Highlight, Mike Coleman

Highlight by Mike Coleman

COL HC Perching Squirrel,Glynn Marsden

Perching Squirrel by Glynn Marsden

COL HC Up Up and Away, Ian Murren

Up, Up and Away by Ian Murren

DPI 01 Archie Formby Beach, Ian Kemp

Arch, Forby Beach by Ian Kemp

DPI 02 Old Tate and Lyle, Liverpool, Ian Kemp

Old Tate and Lyle, Liverpool by Ian Kemp

DPI 03 J Blacksmith, Alex Webster

Blacksmith by Alex Webster

DPI 03 J Carcassonne, Mike Coleman

Carcassonne by Mike Coleman

DPI C Bridge Over Troubled Water, Roger Walsh

Bridge Over Troubled Water by Roger Walsh

DPI C Glorious St. Pancras, Mike Mothershaw

Glorious St. Pancras by Mike Mothershaw

DPI HC Osteospermum, Eddie Bairstow

Osteospermum by Eddie Bairstow

DPI HC Physalis Chinese Lantern, John Crooks

Physalis Chinese Lantern by John Crook

MON 01 Kitesurfer, Mark Edwards-resized

Kitesurfer by Mark Edwards

MON 02 I Need Glasses, Mike Coleman

I Need Glasses by Mike Coleman

MON 03 Into the Lock, Christine Reynolds

Into the Lock by Christine Reynolds

MON HC Liverpool Waterfront, Ian Kemp

Liverpool Waterfront by Ian Kemp

MON HC Three Queens Take a Bow, Michael Mothershaw

Three Queens Take A Bow by Michael Mothershaw