Annual Competition, May 2017

Our last competition of the season was the Annual Competition. This is an open competition for members which means they can submit their best images regardless of subject.

FPG always invite an external judge from the L&CPU register to study and comment on the submitted prints and DPI's. We are very grateful to Trevor Davenport for having agreed to be our judge and in adding to a successful evening at the club.

Well done to the winners of each category Alex Watson, Jim Small and Tim Baker who won the Colour, Mono and DPI sections respectively.

Full results are here

Colour-01-Contemplation-Alex Watson

Contemplation by Alex Watson

Colour-02-Museum Reflection-Wendy Graham

Museum Reflection by Wendy Graham

Colour-03-US Airborne-Alex Watson

US Airborne by Alex Watson

Colour-C-Light Trails on Westminster Bridge-Alex Webster

Light Trails on Westminster Bridge by Alex Webster

Colour-HC-SeedsGalore-John Crooks

Seeds Galore by John Crooks

Colour-HC-Staithes Harbour-Jim Small

Staithes Harbour by Jim Small

DPI-01-Into the Valley-Tim Baker

Into the Valley by Tim Baker

DPI-02-Roofscape-Ray Webb

Roofscape by Ray Webb

DPI-03-Muscle Man-Janine MacDonald

Muscle Man by Janine MacDonald

DPI-C-Detail Riechstagh-Alan Thomas

Detail Riechstagh by Alan Thomas

DPI-C-House Maid, Beamish-Jim Small

House Maid, Beamish by Jim Small

DPI-HC-Hot House-Dave Reed

Hot House by Dave Reed

DPI-HC-Two Spheres-Glynn Marsden

Two Spheres by Glynn Marsden

Mono-01-1930s Garage-Jim Small

1930s Garage by Jim Small

Mono-02-A Royal Welcome-Wendy Graham

A Royal Welcome by Wendy Graham

Mono-03-Inside my head-Christine Reynolds

Inside my head by Christine Reynolds

Mono-C-Loco Backhead-Jim Small

Loco Backhead by Jim Small