Competitions 2021/2022

Entering competitions during Covid 19


Whilst our meetings are on zoom, each member will be eligible to enter 2 DPI into Colour and 2 DPI into Mono

In order to enter a competition, you will be required to log into Photoentry where your submissions can be made.

If you have not been given an account please contact

Here is the link of the website to follow on how to use Photoentry

Club Comp Scoring


If you enter any of the categories then you score 1 point in that category. You do not get 2 for entering 2 prints in one category.

Scoring in club competitions* is by members voting for their top 3 images by number which will be allocated by Comp Secretaries
(We do not know who did which print/image at the time of voting and we certainly don't vote for ourselves)

Votes are added up and the top 5 places in each category are worked out. There may be some joint placings due to equal scores.

Scores are allocated as follows  1st = 5 pts, 2nd = 4 pts, 3rd = 3 pts, 4th = 2pts, 5th = 1pt with points given for commended and highly commended

Final Checks - Image Quality and Rules 


  • Do my images reflect the Competition theme?


  • Are the images sharp?


  • Do the edges of my images cut off bits of people/objects? – not good


  • Are the horizontals and verticals correct?


  • Are there distracting elements in my images – especially light/white elements in the corners of the image? – not good


  • Do I need that much sky and/or foreground? Does it help or detract from the overall image?


  • Would a different crop produce a better/more pleasing image?




  • Are my prints correctly mounted and labelled?


  • Are my DPIs correctly titled?


  • Will all my images be received before the competition deadline?


  • Have all my images been taken in the last 3 years?


  • Have any of my images previously been placed in a club competition (for League Competition only)?