Food and Drink 2018/2019 1st comp


Mono 5th Wendy Graham Cheers

01;Lynette Marsden;Biscuits

DPI - 4th Lynette Marsden - Biscuits

02;Glynn Marsden ;Field of Wheat

DPI 3rd Glynn Marsden - Field of Wheat

01;Mike Coleman;Spiritual Home

DPI 1st Mike Coleman - Spiritual Home

01;Stephanie Wiliamson;Afternoon tea

DPI 2nd - Stephanie Williamson - Afternoon Tea

01;Christine Reynolds;Triangles of Bottl

DPI - 4th Christine Reynolds Triangles of Bottled Water

DPI - joint 4th

DPI - joint 4th Amanda Scott-Norton EGG

Colour 2nd

Colour 2nd Ray Webb - The last Supper

Colour 4th

Colour 4th Lynette Marsden - Burns Night

Mono 3rd

Mono 3rd Laurie Lissett - Guinness is Good For you

Mono 2nd

Mono 2nd Wendy Graham - Gin Galore

Mono 1st

Mono 1st Mike Coleman - New Potatoes

Colour 2nd

Colour 2nd Mike Coleman - VAT and a splash