01;John Hughes; Philharmonic Pub

DPi 4th - Philharmonic Pub by John Hughes

01;Mike Coleman;The Moon is a Balloon

DPI 4th - The moon is a Balloon by Mike Coleman


DPI 1st - Explosive night by Mike Mothershaw

Bright Sparks

Colour 2nd - Bright Sparks by Wendy Graham


Mono 4th - Tranquility by Wendy Graham

Ice Queen

Colour 3rd - Ice Queen by Wendy Graham


DPI 2nd - Last Landings by Mike Mothershaw

AAD_0944a (1)

Colour 1st - Moored for the night - by Dave Reed

01;Andy Bold;Dusk at Formby Beach

DPI 3rd - Dusk on Formby Beach by Andy Bold

Late night study

Mono 2nd Late Night Study by Mike Coleman

LOW LIGHT results were.


Mono Prints.

1              Tim Baker                            Halloween

2              Mike Coleman                   Late Night Study

3              Steph Williamson             Vaults Beneath Kerak Castle

4              Wendy Graham                Tranquillity

5              Laurie Lissett                      London Bus Stop



1              Dave Reed                          Moored for the Night

2              Wendy Graham                Bright Sparks

3              Wendy Graham                Ice Queen

4              Tim Baker                            Last train to Woodside Ferry

5              Anita Abdous                     St Mawes Harbour



1              Mike Mothershaw           Explosive Night

2              Mike Mothershaw           Last Landings

3              Andy Bold                            Dusk on Formby Beach

4              Mike Coleman                   The Moon is a Balloon

5              John Hughes                      Philharmonic Pub