COLOUR 1st - Cooling off in the Celtic Sea BY Mark Edwards

MONO 5th - Snowy Egret. Take off over water By Brian young

Colour 2nd - Great Egret Family Portrait BY Brian Young

DPI 2nd - We did it!! BY Alan Thomas

MONO 2nd= Alex BY Mike Coleman

COLOUR 3rd - A Nice cup of Tea BY Wendy Graham

MONO 1st - The Giant Sleeps BY Wendy Graham

DPI 3rd - Kitesurfer BY Laurie Lissett

COLOUR 4th - 8 - The Hard Way BY Mike Coleman

DPI 1st - The moon is a balloon BY Mike Coleman

DPI 5th - Tour of Manchester - Under 5's Category BY Ray Webb

DPI 4th - Burmese Market BY Stephanie Williamson

open comp 2019