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Summer Flickr Challenge

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This is an activity to encourage members to take photos in a number of different situations over the summer break and to use the group’s Flickr account for sharing. The challenge is to submit 30 pictures during the 15 week break. Each of the topics listed are listed below. You may take images in any order you wish, and photo editing & textures are allowed.

Don't forget to title and tag your photo with the topic title and number. e.g. "18. A Bridge (30 in 15)" on your image uploaded for that topic.

Please do your best to take and submit as many of the 30 images as you can before we start again in September. Hopefully we will show all the images as part of one of the members nights next season.

The subjects are:

1 one is best 2 two is better 3 three is the charm 4 trees 5 beach 6 overlaid (image using overlay technique) 7 strength 8 machinery 9 relaxation 10 looking up 11 flowers 12 marketplace 13 view from a bench 14 looking down (preferably from high up!) 15 parklife 16 interpretation of famous song title 17 insect 18 a bridge 19 formby (less obvious shot) 20 a doorway 21 night shot 22 pattern 23 liverpool (less obvious shot) 24 studio set up 25 sunset 26 southport (less obvious shot) 27 laughter 28 food 29 sport 30 crosby (less obvious shot)

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