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Thank you To Adrian McGarry

Thank you To Adrian McGarry for such an engaging and candid talk on 16th November about Iphone Photograhy (other devices also available).

We went through a brief history of the iphone, and Adrian went on to explain how a 365 photo a day project was his defining moment in using the technology he already had in his pocket, and started to capture images using his phone, several of the images sold, and this gave him the confidence to carry on. The 2nd part of the presentation was a travelogue of both home and away. He demonstrated how you can use street photography to show movement, and try and take something that tells a story. One of his favourite apps is Snapseed, which is available on both IOS and Android, to process and enhance your photos with. So now we can all create edit and share our images using our smart phones.

For more information on Adrian McGarry please visit

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