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Exhibition print drop off

To: all members of Formby Photo Group

I’m sure you all remember that our annual exhibition will be staged on 22 September, and I’m aware that it seems a long way off but there’s a lot that needs to happen between now and then, including committee members taking holiday, so we need to get going.

We are hoping that all members will submit prints for exhibition and we’ll be getting together at The Freshfield on Thursday, 12 July to hand them over to Mike. We’ll be there from 8pm to 10pm so feel free to pop in and out or stay for the duration. As a little incentive, Mike is offering a bottle of Prosecco to the 13th person to hand over 10 prints on the night J

It might be worth reiterating a few points:

  • Entries should be detailed on the attached form. Please complete all fields; you’ll probably find it easier to complete on screen as there are drop-down boxes to help. Then save it and email to AND print a copy to accompany your prints.

  • Prints must be mounted and measure 50 x 40 cm (landscape or portrait).

  • If you offer your prints for sale the price will be £20

  • If you agree to a print being included in The Freshfield’s Choice competition and it wins, you will receive a prize from The Freshfield, £10 from FPG and the print will then belong to The Freshfield, and hopefully they will put it on display. You will retain the copyright.

  • It is quite in order to not offer your prints for sale and / or exclude them from The Freshfield’s Choice; it might depend on the subject matter.

  • Entries may have been shown in club competitions but not necessarily so. However, our customers want to see new work so please don’t include prints you’ve exhibited before.

  • If Mike is holding some of your prints from the Annual Competition and you want to enter them into the exhibition, just include them on the entry form (they will be included in your 10 if you’re competing for the ‘lucky 13th’ Prosecco ;-)

If you can’t attend on 12th July please contact Mike at to make other arrangements, otherwise we look forward to seeing you at ‘The Freshie’

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