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Formby A-Z Celebrating 50 years at Formby photo group

Formby A-Z

At Formby Photo Group we are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year (2019-20). When our group was founded, photography was a specialist hobby requiring knowledge and expensive equipment. Thankfully, today it’s a lot easier to enjoy taking photos so we’re inviting everyone to take part in a special project to illustrate our town at this moment in time.

How to get involved

It’s simple: take a photo to fit one of the categories and post it to Instagram using the hashtags #FormbyA_Z and whatever the category is e.g. #beach. Please feel free to use other hashtags as well but #FormbyA_Z is what we’ll be looking for to see your entries.

There is no limit on how many photos you may post but we’re suggesting at least one for each letter/category if you’d like to see this as a challenge.

You can start straight away and carry on through to summer 2020 so we capture all the seasons. We would like the collected works under #FormbyA_Z to illustrate Formby in the year 2019-20 so please don’t enter old images.

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