2020-2021 Programme 



10 Sep    2020 

Member’s Zoom night 

Deadline for Virtual Exhibition entries 

Quiz with a Twist (incl’ True/False etc.) ASN 

Plus info on 2020-21 programme, fees etc. 


24 Sep    2020 

Virtual Exhibition goes Live 

Entries due in for next competition 


08 Oct    2020 

Competition 1 

Theme: Memories of Lockdown 


22 Oct    2020 

Guest Speaker - Martin Patten 

Improving your photography * 


05 Nov   2020 

Member’s night 

Results of Exhibition & Feedback on Exhibition & Comp 1. 

Entries due in for next competition 


19 Nov   2020 

Competition 2 

Theme: Bring me Sunshine, make me Smile 


03 Dec   2020 

Christmas Members Night 

‘Christmas Special’ ME & WG & others. 

Feedback on Comp 2. 






07 Jan    2021 

Member’s night - Mandy 

Brief Intro/Prep for 18th Feb ** - Mark) 

Light Painting  

Members to prepare a few before & after photos for 18th Feb 


21 Jan    2021 

Guest Speaker - Terry Hewitt 

All things to do with the actual camera. 

Entries due in for next competition 


04  Feb    2021 

Competition 3 

Theme: Wet 


18 Feb    2021 

Member’s night - Before & After editing** - All 

The truth, the whole truth and a little bit of truth. (Members screen share their images - Host - Mark) 


04 Mar   2021 

Guest Speaker - Gareth Martin. 

‘In the making’


18 Mar   2021 

Jane :Lazenby

Working with Textures

Entries due in for next competition 


08 Apr   2021 

Competition 4 

Theme: Tea time 


22 Apr   2021 


Entries due in for next competition 


06 May  2021 

Competition 5 

Theme: Open 


20 May  2021 

Member’s Outdoor Night 



       Items in red, still to decide or finalise.

*     * A presentation aimed at beginners & intermediate workers. Designed not to be too technical but to encourage people to think about what they shoot, and which presents the main genres with a what "good looks like", what settings you might use and what kit you will need. It also has a section that is designed to encourage planning for shoots, not just grazing. 

**   ** Before & After editing – members to send in or ‘Zoom - share screen’ showing 1-3 pairs/sets of before & after images and brief explanation of how the results were achieved. 



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