1st                           Look Up                               Mike Coleman

2nd                          Shading the Path              Roger Walsh

3rd                           Dune Trees                         Lynette Marsden

Highly Com         Winter Picnic                      Mike Mothershaw

Highly Com         Looking Up                          Wendy Graham

Commended     Wepre Wood                     Glynn Marsden

Commended     Lone Pine                            Mike Coleman

Commended     Tree of Hope Street        Mike Mothershaw

Commended     Woodland Path                 Glynn Marsden


1st                           Pinewood at Dawn                          Dominic Darvell

2nd                          Solitary Specimen on a Sand Dune            Rob Turner

3rd                         A Pool of Light                                   Mark Edwards

Highly Com         Long Shadows Wepre Wood       Glynn Marsden

Highly Com         Follow Me                                           Alan Carter

Highly Com         Malham Cove                                    John Houston

Commended     Bracket Fungus                                 John Crooks

Commended     Autumn Beech                                  Wendy Graham

Commended     City Sycamore                                   Wendy Graham


1st                          The Pine Woods               Mike Coleman

2nd                          Bearded Birch                    Mike Coleman

3rd                           Looking  Straight Up        Wendy Graham

Highly Com         Late in he Day                    Laurie Lissett

Highly Com         Reaching for the Light    Wendy Graham

Commended     The Money Tree               John Houston

Commended     I ent scared                         Mark Edwards

Commended     Tree Skeleton                    Mark Edwards                  

Bearded Birch

2nd Mono - Bearded Birch by Mike Coleman

The Pinewoods

1st Mono - The Pinewoods By Mike Coleman


DPI - Highly Commended - Winter Picnic by Mike Mothershaw


DPI - Commended - Tree of Hope Street by Mike Mothershaw

02;WendyGraham;Looking Up

DPI - Highly Commended - Looking up by Wendy Graham

02;Mike Coleman; Look Up

DP! 1st - Look up By Mike Coleman

02;Roger Walsh;Shading The Path.jpg

DPI 2nd - Shading the Path By Roger Walsh

02;Glynn Marsden;Woodland path Formby

DPI Commended - Woodland Path By Glynn Marsden

01;Glynn Marsden;Wepre Wood

DPI Commended - Wepre Wood By Glynn Marsden

01;Lynette Marsden;Dune Trees

DPI 3rd place - Dune Trees by Lynette Marsden

01;Mike Coleman;Lone Pine

DPI Commended - Lone Pine By Mike Coleman

Malham Cove; John Houston

Colour print - Highly commended - John Houston

The Money Tree; John Houston

Mono - Commended - The money Tree By John Houston